Lunedì, 27 05 2019



Sunday 14th April

Arrival of partners

Accommodation of students (hosting families) and teachers. Teachers will stay al Hotel Piemonte.

Dinner at the Hotel for teachers - ph. n.(+39) 0123 29492




Monday 15th April

h.9:30                                     Arrival of the Belgian group (CASELLE airport)

h.9:30                                     Welcome at school

h.9:45                                     Welcome buffet at Lanzo Incontra

h.11:00– 13:00                       Project meeting presentation: past and new activities (at Lanzo Incontra).Meeting with press and authorities. Coordinators are invited to explain good and weak points of the two year activity.


h.13:00 – 15:00                      Lunch at school

 h.15.15                                  Visit of the school and ppt presentation of TURIN and LANZO

 h.16.30                                  Students come back home

                                               Free time

 h.20                                       Dinner  for teachers     




Tuesday 16th April

h.6:15                                      BALANGERO-meeting at Caseificio Ala to see the preparation of Toma cheese

h.7:30                                        Breakfast with toma cheese


h.9:30                                         TURIN- visits: EATALY and CARPANO museum

h.12:00                                       Free Lunch at EATALY or 8Gallery

h.13:00                                     Tour of TURIN

h.17:00                                       Back home

                                                   Free time

h.20:00                                       Dinner for teachers


Wednesday 17th April

h.8:00                                        Meeting at school (students and teachers)

h. 8.15- 9.45                              The four foreign groups will introduce their countries using their ppt   presentations/ Project meeting at school for teachers

h. 10.00- 13.00                          Cooking session for all teachers and students

h.13.10- 15.00                             Lunch at school

h. 15.10- 17.00                             Visit : the medieval area of Lanzo and Devil’s Bridge                                                

h.17:00                                       Back home

                                                   Free time

h. 20:00                                      Dinner for teachers



Thursday 18th April

h.8:30                                         Meeting at school (students and teachers)

h. 9:00                                       CASTAGNOLE (Germagnano) visit :the Bread Museum and the old public ovens. Preparation of breadsticks and torcetti di Lanzo.

h.13:00                                       Lunch at school

h.15:00                                       Free afternoon for students/ Project meeting for teachers (if necessary)

                                                   Free time

h.20:00                                       Dinner for teachers




Friday 19th April

h.8:15                                         Meeting at school (students and teachers)

h.8:30                                         Departure by bus

h 9:30.                                        TURIN:  Lavazza coffee factory ( visit )                                                                               

h.13:00                                      Back home

                                                   Free time

h.18:30                                       Under the ALA of the old market: appetizers with surprise

h.20:15                                       Farewell dinner at school


Saturday 20th April

Departure of partners except for the Greek ones.


Sunday 21st    April

Departure of the Greek group